Monday, 23 June 2014

Little English Book Shops - Daisy Lane Books

Went to Holmfirth today, a place which will be a key player in the kick-off of the Tour De France, but is normally just a gorgeous little village in West Yorkshire, surrounded by the beautiful country-side. It was a gorgeous day, as pictured above.

My mum spied just the word 'books', tucked into the nook of a little lane, from the pub we were having lunch in. So, we went on a little ramble in that direction and came across Daisy Lane Books. 

As we walked up to it, a man, presumably an owner, was pottering about sorting the books outside. But books weren't just outside they were practically crammed, stacked, and balanced in every corner of the two-storey shop, right up to the ceiling. 

It had that typical second-hand, magic book smell, and although it was cramped and the floor was a little thin and squeaky it was still everything you could wish for in a book store. It was pretty rustic and simple, with hand-written signs and myriad of different and probably very old books. 

Eventually, I picked out The New Oxford Book of Victorian Verse, in preparation for a Victorian module I'm taking in university. With the blissfully small price of £2, I could hardly say no. 

So, if you ever get the chance to nip into Holmfirth, do, because it's beautiful and there's a lovely bookshop.

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