Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon

Author: Mark Haddon 
Published: May 2003 
Rating: ****

Just another quick read plus I picked this up for a bargain! Although this post will be less of a review than just a discussion considering it's an internationally acclaimed, best-selling novel/stage production - it hardly needs any more positive reviews

I decided to pick up this book after reading Wonder and though definitely a different novel about different things it still had the same feel to me, in that it deals with potentially difficult situations and themes. 

I really did enjoy this book, I felt like Christopher was fantastically portrayed and though he does things that some may find strange or disconcerting, the fact that it's a first person narrative really helps to put the reader into his mindset. His interaction with other people is also really enlightening because I could see them through his eyes: those that understand and know Christopher against those that don't know how to act around him or completely misunderstand him.

I found the story itself interesting, it unravelled itself quite gracefully. My heart-ached for Christopher when he found out the truth of the dog case, but  not only for him exclusively. I couldn't help be sympathetic of his mum as well as his dad, neither are perfect and they do screw up pretty spectacularly but I do sympathise. This doesn't excuse any wrongdoings but it's not a two toned world with only good and bad actions. 

I found the story on a whole really realistic as well as the narrative being straightforward (excluding the maths equations) and refreshing. Plus there were pictures! I rated this book four stars because whilst I found it overall an enjoyable read, it's not been my favourite read this year. Still a nice addition to my book shelf, though.

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