Monday, 29 September 2014

Oh my goodness, finally have time to breathe. I haven't been able to post anything because this year I decided to do Freshers Crew for Freshers Week at my university and it has been none stop. I have been soooo busy.

Moved into the house I'm renting with my friends though, and it's great. Put together a little bookshelf in a somewhat ramshackle way and am slowly enjoying filling it to bursting point. Choosing books to bring with me was HARD (I only allowed myself five none course related books).

Because of my course I've been reading a lot of classics, I'm talking Tess of the d'Urbervilles, North and South, The Way of All Flesh etc. Plus got a free book from my uni that looks interesting: The Garden of Evening Mists by Twang Eng Tan. Looking forward to having a read of that! Last year I got The Accidental by Ali Smith.  

Hopefully going to be back into the swing of things after this week at least. Feeling a little run down due to acquiring freshers flu and on top of that I have a job interview this Wednesday. When did my life get this hectic?

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